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The Training Resource Group, Inc. | Philadelphia, PA

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Executive Briefing - November 17, 2017

An invitation only event for Executives, Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Leaders who are serious about growing their revenue in 2018 and achieving best in class sales growth and results.


Participants Will Learn How To:

  • Grow their sales by 20% or more over the next year
  • Gain the upper hand during sales calls and prevent unpaid consulting
  • Create a culture of consistency, transparency and accountability
  • Roll-out simple behavior modifications that will lead you and your salespeople to success
  • Build prospecting plans that fill pipelines and hit quotas
  • Shorten your sales cycle by avoiding time wasters and unqualified prospects

Evan Polin, President

Evan Polin’s coaching on how to handle new business opportunities has been called a game-changer by clients he’s helped to reach new levels of success. In his 16 plus years with The Training Resource Group, Evan has helped hundreds of businesses develop their sales teams and implement sales culture that enables them to double sales, increase their profit margins, and capture market share. He is a certified Sandler Trainer and co-author of the book, “Selling Professional Services the Sandler Way: Nobody Ever Told Me I’d Have to Sell.” Evan applies his background in behavioral health to moving clients, and client sales teams, out of their comfort zones to obtain results previously thought unattainable. His goal is to help his clients to work smarter, rather than harder. Evan focuses on working with his clients to preserve their resources and maintain—and increase—their momentum, on their critical path.


Phone: 215-320-4651



Chuck Polin, CEO

Chuck Polin brings more than 40 years of sales, sales management, and corporate executive experience to the firm. He has managed numerous sales forces, directed various marketing campaigns and was president of a Fortune 500 Company division.

Chuck has customized a client development process specifically for attorneys, engineers, architects, and accountants. He has developed a training program that focuses on generating new files, cross selling in the firm, targeting new clients, and building a strong referral system. The program teaches professionals how to work smart, and increase business by focusing just 2-3 hours per week on business development.


Phone: 215-320-4650